Do you like having your advertising not next to terrorist propaganda? Advertise here! You have the option to:

-Sponsor an article which can be written by Beyond the Echo Chamber or by you. If you or your company writes an article, it will have to be approved and possibly edited by Beyond the Echo Chamber, but we can discuss those details as they arise.

-Pay for your brand, company, products, etc to be mentioned in an article that otherwise is not fully sponsored. There should still be a notice on the page that the keyword was paid for or affiliated with your company in the article towards the bottom.

-Sponsor the name of the points system. It will be displayed like Points (Sponsored by: Company).

-Sponsor one or more affiliated items mystery packages that will be available in the points store for people to redeem. You must provide 1 or more items in addition to paper advertisements (or just 1 ad if you only sponsor 1) to be put into the package(s) as a part of this. The name of the company won’t be posted in the points store because it’s a mystery package, but products, samples, an advertisement, and so on can be put inside of the package. The idea is for this to be lower in points price than the unaffiliated mystery box so that more people can redeem it. Depending on how many items you have to give, your items may or may not be placed with other items in the affiliated items mystery package.

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