USA, France, and UK to unleash innocent puppies into Aleppo to show their respect for, “Innocent until proven guilty.”

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Exactly 1,037 puppies are to be unleashed into Aleppo by the joint military forces of the USA, France, and the UK. Each country has laws proclaiming that people in their countries are innocent until proven guilty. President Trump proclaimed, “No one raids Aleppo with puppies better than us. This is the perfect strategy.”

This puppy is guilty of being adorable.

This is in response to allegations that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons in an attack against civilians in Douma, Syria. Assad denies the allegation of using chemical weapons in Douma. As of writing, no official investigation has been completed on the matter. So in the spirit of showing a good example of fair democracy, the alliance of the USA, France, and the UK want to show respect for people being innocent until proven guilty.

This puppy could be key to ending the Syrian civil war. It’s all on her shoulders.

“At 9:15 AM Friday we will fly these puppies from animal shelters across the UK to Syria instead of bombs,” said prime minister Theresa May. She continued, “We stand firm with the USA and France in our support for a fair process.” The puppies will be flown into Aleppo via air drop. Each puppy will be given a parachute.

Potential puppy # 1,038 named Pupperoni will run and swim from Swansea in the UK to Aleppo, Syria while raising money for charity. Good boy!

“This is much preferable to these puppies being euthanized in our overcrowded animal shelters,” said a spokesperson for Humane Society International. Indeed, this adorable show of commitment to fair play will undoubtedly impress the Assad regime, and could potentially end all war.

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