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Is President Trump’s migrant executive order a brilliant political move?

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Missouri should cut off Illinois from the St. Louis area Metrolink for passenger safety.

  Here’s a friendly reminder that having a gun to protect yourself on the Metrolink in the St. Louis area is a felony as far as I know. The people who patrol the stations and sometimes trains of the rail system are not actual police officers, but hired private security who don’t have the authority […]

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People who say some others want free health care need to give fair arguments for helpful discourse.

If the government provides universal health care in the USA, in my opinion it will probably be not good quality. I also believe that this should be done at the state level, and only the states that vote to have universal health care should have it, while states that want free market health care should […]

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If charities have more support, then there might be less need for government funding.

I started a website called It’s original goal is to be a small database of places that people can donate to for medical research, based on medical issue. So if someone has a medical issue, they can look up the medical issue and donate to it in the hopes that their medical issue can […]

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Meteorologist confirms that weather to calm itself sometime later this year

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may have noticed that it’s been hot since it’s been summer. If you live in a place in the northern hemisphere that isn’t hot during the summer, then fan-freaking-tastic for you. It’s about 84 degrees Fahrenheit (about 29 degrees Celsius) right now and it’s a little past […]

EU to fine podium for hate speech

With people in the EU wanting to fine online platforms for spreading points of view they don’t like, there is a push for fining all ways of spreading points of views that the EU doesn’t like. This includes fining people who hold events where someone they didn’t even want speaking in the first place got […]


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“It’s either me or the cockroaches,” says local spider.

Local spider Jim McMurray said to his roommate that it’s either him or the cockroaches. “John needs to know that I have value and feelings too. I eat bugs like cockroaches that come into this place, and I deserve respect,” Jim said. In response to Jim’s statement, John put out a press release saying, “What […]

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This is why you need suits.

To appease the richer among us, in the hopes of advancing in our career we often have to play by certain rules. One rule, thank goodness, is that people lower on the financial ladder have to spend a massive chunk of their paycheck to meet the logical dress standards of rich people. Do you only […]

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Man thrives by using only things from his assigned culture, uses no cultural appropriation

A local man has succeeded in thriving on using things only from his race appointed culture, which is a white western man with German and Irish heritage. Due to the Latin alphabet that English uses for its letters and numbers being invented in what is now Italy, and he’s only fluent in Germany and Gaelic, […]

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“What if we and our observable universe are in a black hole and this is why space looks black?” wonders scientist.

An astrophysicist named Charles Williams has questioned whether we have all already passed the event horizon, and if our observable universe is all within the confines of a giant black hole. “What if the rest of space outside of this black hole that we are in is really bright, which is why the center of […]

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The best keyboard for these 5 everyday activities may surprise you: Qwerty vs Dvorak vs Colemak

There are different keyboard layouts, and some such as Dvorak and Colemak have been tested to be more efficient than typing in the Qwerty keyboard layout. But which one is really the best? I put each keyboard to the test in a variety of challenges. Here is which keyboard won in each tested category: Declaring […]