Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Satire Satire - USA Politics

Republicans to support Democratic leader being chosen based on race instead of merit

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“It’s either me or the cockroaches,” says local spider.

Local spider Jim McMurray said to his roommate that it’s either him or the cockroaches. “John needs to know that I have value and feelings too. I eat bugs like cockroaches that come into this place, and I deserve respect,” Jim said. In response to Jim’s statement, John put out a press release saying, “What […]

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Man thrives by using only things from his assigned culture, uses no cultural appropriation

A local man has succeeded in thriving on using things only from his race appointed culture, which is a white western man with German and Irish heritage. Due to the Latin alphabet that English uses for its letters and numbers being invented in what is now Italy, and he’s only fluent in Germany and Gaelic, […]

Satire Satire - USA Politics

USA to adopt koban-style policing after it’s done policing the rest of the world

The federal government of the USA spends more than the next 7 countries combined on military spending as of writing. The USA also has a huge need to address violence problems in its own country. The community policing style seen in many parts of Japan has been adopted in Brazil, Indonesia, Honduras, and more places, […]

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This is why you need suits.

To appease the richer among us, in the hopes of advancing in our career we often have to play by certain rules. One rule, thank goodness, is that people lower on the financial ladder have to spend a massive chunk of their paycheck to meet the logical dress standards of rich people. Do you only […]

Professional business attire in hot weather a worldwide conspiracy to drive populations to colder climates says expert

Fashion expert Joseph Tenbarge said in a recent interview that professional business attire in hot weather is a global conspiracy to drive populations to colder areas. “It’s in the geopolitical interests of many countries to push more people to move to colder areas. For example in Japan it makes geopolitical sense to move more people […]


Satire Satire - Tech

Comic Sans named ‘Font of the Year’ by Font Pro magazine

Celebrated for its retro and professional styling, Font Pro magazine has named Comic Sans ‘Font of the Year’. “Comic Sans is the quintessential font for every occasion,” remarked Ken Stevens, founder and CEO of Font Pro magazine. The magazine has only over used Comic Sans as its font, and names Comic Sans ‘Font of the […]

Satire Satire - Tech

Chocolate for forum post promotion kills 20 puppies

Beyond the Echo Chamber has taken down its forums and its promotion where 1 account per month would be chosen to get a free box of chocolate things from Japan. “The person who won the box of chocolates fed it to all 20 of their puppies,” said the owner of the website. “Well, the puppies […]

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“What if we and our observable universe are in a black hole and this is why space looks black?” wonders scientist.

An astrophysicist named Charles Williams has questioned whether we have all already passed the event horizon, and if our observable universe is all within the confines of a giant black hole. “What if the rest of space outside of this black hole that we are in is really bright, which is why the center of […]

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Microsoft’s underwater data center could be part of a deep state plot to open up this shipping route

The deep state, all of it, has suggested that Microsoft’s new underwater data centerĀ could be part of a deep state plot to open up arctic shipping lanes. This is geopolitically important because it could allow for Russia to have warm water ports, thus lessening its need to expand westward back into areas with warm water […]

Satire Satire - Tech

Do you want a free box of chocolate things? This exciting Beyond the Echo Chamber update could get you free chocolate, and these hands are ready to join in.

Beyond the Echo Chamber, the world’s premiere website, has released a new forums section. For June and July, once a month, someone from Beyond the Echo Chamber will choose a comment from the forum and award the person an actual box of chocolate things from Japan. People can register using their email, Facebook, Twitter, or […]

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