2 amazing pastry shops in Ikebukuro, Tokyo to try

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There are two amazing pastry shops in Ikebukuro in Tokyo named Ringo and Bake Cheese Tart. Both shops specialize in their chosen pastry. However, Bake has recently tried to branch out with a couple of different flavors of cheese tart, some of them temporarily. Here’s an overview of both of these places.


Ringo is close to the east exit (higashiguchi in Japanese). It takes only a minute or so to get there from the exit. The shop specializes in apple pies with custard filling on the inside. The flaky crust is awesome, and the inside tastes amazing too. Just in case some of the custard oozes out as you eat it, due to eating technique, a napkin is provided. It costs 399 yen (tax included) as of writing for 1 pastry, and this is the only food they sell there. The product is so good it’s been able to support that location so close to the third busiest train station in the world. Depending on when you get there, expect a line. Around 3-4PM on weekdays is a good time to avoid lines oftentimes.

Bake Cheese Tart

Bake Cheese Tart offers a buttery cheese tart with a custard-textured inside that is amazing. This regular cheese tart costs 216 yen (including tax). Recently the company has been expanding its offerings. In the past they offered a limited edition chocolate version. As of writing they are offering a powdered green tea (macha) flavored cheese tart which tastes so-so. There is also a limited edition frozen lemon cheese tart, which tastes like lemon cheesecake. The frozen lemon cheese tart tasted awesome, but I prefer their regular cheese tart. At another Bake location in Kanazawa, I tried their ice cream, and I thought it would taste like cheese tart ice cream which would be amazing. However, it was regular cream flavor ice cream that was still amazing. The frozen lemon cheese tart is available until August 31st. The ice cream is only available at certain locations, and not at the one in Ikebukuro. But going to the Ikebukuro location is still recommended for the cheese tart.

Happy eating!
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