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That hashtag will make sense soon. There is a chef named Jamie Oliver who gets his creative inspiration from different cuisines around the world. A company he owns released a product called Jamie Oliver Punchy Jerk Rice, which was inspired by the jerk style of cooking from Jamaica where meat is dry-rubbed or marinated with a spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. Well, some racists from the left say he is culturally appropriating for making this spice mixture.

As you can tell from my op-ed entitled I will culturally appropriate whatever I wantI will culturally appropriate if I want to, and I urge you to join me. Fiddes Payne is a website that sells Jamie Oliver Punchy Jerk Rice that ships to the USA, and I urge you to buy it to try to help make this the most popular product of Jamie Oliver’s company. Furthermore, please contact grocery stores in the USA and ask them to stock this product. If you buy the product, you can post a picture of yourself with it with the hashtag #jerk4jerk, because it’d be hilarious. If you can tag some of the people mentioned in this BBC article on Twitter, that’d be even more hilarious. Here is the link to buy the product online (which I’m not affiliated with) and a list of contacts to request the product be sold in stores:

Buy link:

Contact links:

Walmart’s Facebook / Walmart’s Twitter


Kroger (there is a ‘Reason for comment’ option that says ‘Product Comment/ Inquiry/ Suggestion/ Request)

Target (low priority, since it’s less than convenient to find a proper channel to request a product)

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