Colemak named best keyboard layout for summoning Maxwell’s demon, others

Satire - Tech

The Necronomicon contains ways to summon creatures such as demons and Cthulu. I tested the Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak keyboard layouts to find the quickest way to summon each. After thorough testing, the Colemak keyboard and its new update proved to summon Maxwell’s demon a full 1 second ahead of the Dvorak layout on average, and 1.2 seconds on average compared to the Qwerty keyboard. Out of 100 tests, the Colemak keyboard summoned Cthulu an average 2.5 seconds faster than the Dvorak layout, and 3.1 seconds faster than the Qwerty keyboard. I also was able to order pizza with assistance from the Colemak layout, which is a summoning of sorts.

Thank you to the people at the Colemak Forum for the new and improved update, which is amazing and has made the Colemak layout the premier demon summoning layout for all ages.

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