Comic Sans named ‘Font of the Year’ by Font Pro magazine

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Celebrated for its retro and professional styling, Font Pro magazine has named Comic Sans ‘Font of the Year’. “Comic Sans is the quintessential font for every occasion,” remarked Ken Stevens, founder and CEO of Font Pro magazine. The magazine has only over used Comic Sans as its font, and names Comic Sans ‘Font of the Year’ every year. This is because of the founder’s nostalgic love for the classic font, which the CEO describes, “…brings me back to a simpler time, before I had to enter middle school and follow the family tradition of beaver tailing.” Beaver tailing is when large groups of people, in the thousands, follow a single beaver to its dam to learn how the dams are built and maintained. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and accounts for 15 percent of Canada’s GDP. Ken wanted to follow his dream of becoming a fine font connoisseur, an expert of sorts. Now he lives out that dream, and is poor because of it.

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