Company not able to find workers with specific skills is still unwilling to train entry level employees in these skills

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In the USA there are many companies hiring. Specific Foryonda is the largest car maker in the world, and they are needing many employees for manufacturing work now. “We’re having issues finding qualified workers for our manufacturing facilities,” said a spokesperson for Specific Foryonda. Critics, including a moo cow named Daisy who we interviewed for this article, say that companies want to spend as little training as possible, and they try to rely too much on the government funding education and training for very specific skills. “These companies are having taxpayers pay for many of these people’s student loans since college is so expensive, and even then the people who go through training may not even be able to get a job in the manufacturing field they trained for,” Daisy said. She added that not many people are wanting to go into manufacturing either, given the boom and bust cycles of some manufacturing towns like Elkhart, Indiana, as well as politicians claiming many times that more manufacturing jobs are leaving the USA and not coming back. The politician’s messages regarding leaving manufacturing jobs could make many people want to choose other professions that aren’t famous for losing jobs.

In order to attract willing workers to this industry famous for outsourcing, Daisy the moo cow argues that companies should have students in an apprenticeship program, kind of like some sectors have in Germany. “This would allow students to get training without having to pay a significant amount that they might not have, which shifts the cost to taxpayers to loan the students money. Furthermore, the businesses have someone who is experienced with their specific system of doing things who could end up being a loyal employee,” Daisy added.

A Specific Foryonda spokesperson said that this is an issue of cost. It costs less for the company to let others make their own schooling choices, and then give a little training if graduates are hired. “Also our company pays a lot of money in taxes in the USA, and people should be grateful for that,” the spokesperson added. In the future, the company plans to add 100 more jobs in the USA. It will be intense to find out how their hiring will go.

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4 years ago

Well maybe they should train people and hire more entry level workers who are willing to learn.

4 years ago

University should be cheaper too to help students learn. If more people graduate, it could be more likely that some of them graduate with skills that the companies need. It’s a numbers thing.