Do you want a free box of chocolate things? This exciting Beyond the Echo Chamber update could get you free chocolate, and these hands are ready to join in.

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Beyond the Echo Chamber, the world’s premiere website, has released a new forums section. For June and July, once a month, someone from Beyond the Echo Chamber will choose a comment from the forum and award the person an actual box of chocolate things from Japan. People can register using their email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google login for free.

These 3000 year old sentient hands are all excited to try to get free chocolate from Beyond the Echo Chamber, which they rub on their hand and allow the nutrients to soak into the skin in order to eat. “These articles provide a great way to fuel discussions,” typed one hand named Hragar. “Since Beyond the Echo Chamber wants to support a wide range of views being discussed, this is a massive plus for me,” the hand continued. The hands’ seeming immortality can allow for insightful discussion and long term community building.

Geraldine Kowalski, noted opposer of progress,  is against this. “Hands should not be allowed to eat chocolate, and everything else should stay as it is,” she said.” “Chocolate is stupid and people who eat it are stupid,” she added.

“In this case I’ll gladly eat a box of stupid and be an idiot,” said Hragar, who is noted as being one of the smartest sentient hands in history. Hragar the hand approves of chocolate, and will try to win a box of stupid as far as Geraldine is concerned. “Please mail me your stupid, Beyond the Echo Chamber,” Hragar continued.

Do you want to try to get a free box of chocolate things? Do you approve of Geraldine getting as many chocolates as she has friends (0)? A forum post will be chosen around the end of June 2018 and again around the end of July 2018 for the first and second box of chocolate things.

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