EU to fine podium for hate speech

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With people in the EU wanting to fine online platforms for spreading points of view they don’t like, there is a push for fining all ways of spreading points of views that the EU doesn’t like. This includes fining people who hold events where someone they didn’t even want speaking in the first place got in front of people and said something mean, fining the podium company for allowing people to speak on the podium with differing views, and fining the podium itself. “We can’t have anyone saying offensive things at all,” said an EU sexual minority rights campaigner, whose attraction to people of the same sex was never considered offensive at any point, and of course would never have benefited from points of view deemed radical to other people being allowed.

There are even calls for podiums, and events in general, to be banned in the EU. “We will certainly consider it if it means that people won’t be offended,” said a German representative to the EU, who we should be kind to since she is going through a tough time with her legally allowed 2nd divorce at this time. Fining and banning forms of communication that allow people to express their views, the representative added, is a better solution than allowing people to express their point of view, so that people can understand how on earth someone could think a certain way and allow people who disagree to be able to counter-argue effectively. “Well, I really don’t know why anyone would want to allow podiums, events, or online platforms to exist to allow for others’ offensive points of view to be out there. All of these are banned in my household,” she added.

Meanwhile, thankfully and fittingly so, policies of the majority of government in every EU country is not offensive to anyone. This allows the people who want to fine and ban platforms that allow hate speech to have the moral high ground. We wouldn’t want any nazis, or men, to say anything offensive would we? Has saying anything deemed offensive ever helped any society?

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