Even in wake of cyclone, UNESCO to keep Socotra in Yemen underdeveloped because Mary likes the lizards

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Many people have died in the most recent cyclone on the Socotra archipelago in Yemen. The entire Socotra archipelago has been deemed by UNESCO to be a world heritage site due to its unique and important biodiversity. UNESCO has worked to keep development such as ports and roads down in the archipelago, which has experienced multiple cyclones in the past decade. This has hampered emergency response efforts.

All of this, and the death and destruction caused by a lack of emergency services access in times of need, was caused by Mary because she thinks a lizard on the archipelago looks cool. “I think that the Socotra Sand Lizard looks super cool, and it’s only found on the archipelago,” said harbinger of destruction and chaos Mary Williams, a UNESCO employee responsible for Socotra’s designation and lack of infrastructure. “It does that thing with it’s tongue like this,” she added as she stuck out her tongue, the same tongue which helped announce policies which doomed many lives on the Socotra archipelago.

“My leg is broken and all hope is lost for the others, whose legs are all broken,” said a Socotra resident. “Millions of people here have broken legs and they are left to roll on their sides for days to reach the nearest hospital due to a lack of roads,” the resident continued. Residents of Socotra have offered to catch a Socotra Sand Lizard and give it to Mary as a pet in return for permission to develop roads, a port, and better hospitals across the archipelago. Millions of Socotra residents, all of whom have broken legs, are rolling throughout the countryside in search of a Socotra Sand Lizard to catch and give to Mary as tribute. However, Mary has not been consulted on this as she does not listen to the residents of the archipelago, and the search could be in vain. “We have to try everything we can to get development,” said another resident when asked about the search.

What do you think? Should the Socotra archipelago retain it’s nature in many parts of the islands? Should development be allowed? Should populations in less accessible areas os Socotra move to a centralized city, or should they be able to keep their lifestyle? Comment and let us know what you think.

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3 years ago

They should allow more development on the islands.