Former colonialism and this surprising thing are literally the only things stopping many former European colonies from legalizing same sex marriage

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Former colonialism has been blamed as a reason that places, especially in Africa and Asia, have been in conflict. For example, some African and Asian (Middle East included) country borders were drawn in ways that did not consider the different ethnicities and religions in geographic areas. Then some of these groups had unnecessary conflicts because some people in the groups didn’t like other ways of life that didn’t really affect them. This lack of open-mindedness, and Greg, are the reasons that many former colonies have not legalized same sex marriage and haven’t become more comfortable with the idea that as long as what people are doing is not hurting others, it’s not their business.

“Greg is really the biggest factor,” said Charles Williams, a professor of international affairs. He continued, “Greg sent a $5 donation to a charity in Africa that does give food to children but also supports an organization that is against same-sex marriage, and he is now recognized by all his peers and the UN as a main reason that same sex marriage is not legalized in many former European colonies. You know, since Greg sent that $5, Sudan and South Sudan have split, it’s still illegal for anyone who isn’t black to become a citizen in Liberia, the Central African Republic had a civil war for 2 years, sexual minority rights have gone backwards in India and Uganda, and more. Coincidence?”

I contacted Greg O’Donnell regarding his donation, and he told me that he is sorry for his action, and he’s especially sorry about what white people in the past had done to people in the past which he accepts full responsibility for. “It’s really bad what happened in the past, and I was trying to atone for it by donating to Africa,” he said. “I have guilt for what white people did which I share in because of my race, especially since no other race had been involved in slave trading ever,” he added. Mauritania in Africa was the last country to abolish slavery, and it did so in 1981. However, no criminal laws were passed to enforce the ban until 2007, which came about because of international pressure. It’s so colonialist for western governments to meddle in non-western affairs, isn’t it?

Colonialism is another, albeit minor, reason that same sex marriage is illegal in many former colonies. Back in the Victorian era of England, the rule was that same-sex marriage was illegal, and this same rule was British colonial law and remains the law in many of those independent countries that used to be British colonies. This colonialist policy is a massive reason that people in these countries are unable to respect that others live in a way differently from them that is peaceful and doesn’t affect them unless they choose to have anxiety over it. Snowy winters happen a lot more in these places than one might expect from climate data.

Some people who think that others outside of these places aren’t to blame could not be reached due to lack of effort. Who wants to talk to them? It’s clearly other people’s fault that these places are in conflict, like past colonial powers and especially Greg, and the open-minded nature of the people in these former colonies would have led to everlasting peace, respect for other people’s ways of being as long as it isn’t hurting them, and no conflict whatsoever if they had been allowed their own smaller countries based on whatever they felt important.

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