Gold and silver ice cream in Japan

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Kanazawa, located on the west side of the Japan’s biggest island Honshu, is where 99% of Japan’s domestic gold leaf is made, and is where 100% of the domestic silver and platinum leaf is made. It’s a great tourist destination with a ‘ninja’ temple, and amazing park, a big castle, and it’s known as a ‘little Kyoto’. There are different food items there with gold and sometimes silver available with it. For example, a pastry available at Kanazawa station when I went had actual gold, which gave the pastry a gold sprinkle look.

There is also gold ice cream, were the outside is covered in gold leaf. In Kanazawa station there is a place that has gold and silver leaf ice cream. I tried it, and it tasted like normal ice cream, but it was cool to experience. Since it was summer during a heatwave, it helped to cool me down. Have you ever eaten anything with gold or silver in it?

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