Here are some ways to start converting millennials away from the left.

Op-ed USA Politics

Short itemized version:

-Stop telling millennials how much you think they suck.

-Tell them how capitalism helps people in their age range specifically.

-Work for less military intervention, and more infrastructure improvements.

-Republicans should stop pushing religion on people who aren’t a part of it, and offer religious freedom if they want it for themselves.

-Have Republican politicians be less hypocritical about being for small government, but putting the country further in debt.

Here is the longform version that I want to put up, but might edit later (some of it is rambling but it’s past 3AM and I want to get an article up):

First, stop telling millennials how much they suck as if millennial is some single-minded block of people. If someone told you, “A group that you belong to and can’t help being a part of is awful, join us though,” would your response seriously be anything that strays too far from, “Screw off,”?

Second, make arguments for how capitalism helps them. A great question that needs to be answered, is, “How does capitalism help people with low self-worth?” Once that question is answered, and I’m passively working on it, then that can help bring people away from the left.

Third, in my case, one of my first introductions to politics was through 9/11, and the subsequent war that is still going on. I’ll speak for myself here as someone who wanted Bernie Sanders to win, but I see how much money the federal government seems to have on these wars when all or most of the people who perpetrated the acts of 9/11 are extremely dead by this point. Then I see that the water in the area I grew up in (Indiana) wasn’t clean year round, there weren’t sidewalks to be able to walk to some places, and I’m pretty sure it was illegal to be walking by the roads or into the city because of jaywalking or otherwise laws, and there were and still are other infrastructure issues that I suppose are less important than all of the projects in Afghanistan. People who are our age and younger will probably have to deal with the effects of the ridiculous debt levels that some politicians are pushing on people our age, and this is one of my top issues, and maybe even my top issue right now. A catalyst for my likely vote against the Republican congressperson on my ballot is because they voted to increase the debt, and the Democratic one seems to want less debt. This might be the first Democratic congressperson I vote for.

As someone who is Atheist (I’m ok with other people having religions as long as they aren’t harming me or getting in the way of my peaceful freedoms), I do not have a desire for these funds to go towards a population whose government has decided that Atheists should be put to death (which is law in Afghanistan and 12 other countries as of 2016), and that also has horrible laws against people who are sexual or gender minorities. People who are in the age range of millennial are less religious than people before, but the desires of people who aren’t religious to be able to live peacefully apart from religion is not being respected, yet a lot of those same religious people want respect back, and then wonder why we aren’t voting for their disrespectful selves.

Another note that could help convert people, which is a big reason that makes me not vote Republican (and Libertarian instead) on some occasions, is I felt it was so hypocritical of some Republicans who are also Christian to impose their personal interpretation of Christianity on others when not all Christians, and especially not all people, follow their personal interpretation. The hypocrisy comes from complaining about religious freedom while imposing their religious will onto others, for example by banning gay marriage when people who were gay did absolutely nothing to them. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you want freedom to be peaceful, then support other people’s peaceful freedoms. Even the currency says, “In God we Trust,” which is libel on my end because I don’t believe in a God, and it’s one of many things that make me feel unwanted in the country because I’ll just be told that my opinion doesn’t matter and that most people are Christian in the country. And here we are, most of my votes going to Libertarians instead of Republicans partly because of too many Republicans pushing their religion on me through law. Another point of hypocrisy is that so many Republicans run on a platform of less government, and less government spending, but here we are with both the Republican federal senators and congressperson from the district of Indiana I’m from voted to raise spending, which is one of my biggest issues.

I also want to explain that the reason I wanted Bernie to win even though I vote mostly Libertarian, is that most of the politicians on the Democratic side were not LGBT friendly for example and were basically Republicans in my view (less social freedoms, bigger federal government spending, etc), and the Libertarians were closest to my views. I would have voted Democratic for most elections if the Democrats were closer to the ones found in many other parts of the country that are portrayed by the main stream media, but I would not now. I do think that if it’s within budget, that the states should be allowed to have their own universal healthcare system, to experiment with it, but not one run by the federal government, and this should only happen if the governments are running at a surplus. But I also recognize that the healthcare will probably suck, but it would be better than the nothing that otherwise a lot of people would be able to afford. I’m still open to changing my mind on that issue, but I haven’t found compelling evidence yet, and I live in Japan at the moment and I like the healthcare system here better than in the USA. Very long story short, in Japan 70% of my covered healthcare costs are not paid by me directly, 30% are paid by me, but I also pay taxes.

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