Here’s an angle that could get democrats on board with stricter immigration rules.

Op-ed USA Politics

There are some democrats in the USA who look to Canada for what they consider good public policy, for example with healthcare policy. Canada’s immigration system is something that the USA could aspire to be closer to, and saying the phrase, “We should have our immigration system like Canada’s,” might make democrats more willing to consider stricter immigration policy in the USA. Canada uses a points based, merit based immigration system, and it also caps the amount of people who come into Canada every year.

For the USA, if a cap is implemented then the cap should be a lot higher than Canada’s if the country wants to remain competitive, but a point of a cap is so that new arrivals can assimilate into the culture better. This cap helps to prevent the creation of areas of the country where people of a certain cultures almost only mix within their cultures. If areas like that are created, that could cause too much social unrest.

Having a merit based system helps to make sure that the USA is getting some of the best people, similar to how Canada has its system. The lottery visa program needs to go and be replaced with a merit based system. If democrats want social services, they should look to the immigration policies of countries with universal health care as an example. If there are too many people not contributing to the system, for example illegal immigrants, then that could put too much strain on that universal health care system some of them want.

Also, regarding the USA being a nation of immigrants, when a lot of immigrants came in the past there weren’t a lot of social services to be strained from too many people who may not pay into a welfare system. Especially in the pioneering days, people in the government of the USA gave land to people who could work hard and live on it long enough, without government run welfare programs. Now that there are more welfare programs, and a lot of democrats want to expand federal welfare programs, it’s even more important for the USA’s welfare sustainability that they want for immigration rules to be strict.

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