Here’s an easy way to work for egalitarianism.

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Every little bit counts when working for equal opportunity. There are different issues that men and women face, and politicians should know about these issues. For example, the sexist Nguyen vs INS ruling, which is sexist again men, should be reversed. People want to talk about systemic sexism? This is one example right here.

Indiana, the state I’m registered to vote in, has a Republican and Democratic senator as of writing. Both have the option for women’s issues as a message topic, but neither have an option for men’s issues such as forcing men to sign up for a selective service program which wastes millions of taxpayer dollars every year because of upkeep. The first screenshot is from the current Republican representative’s email contact form, and the second is of the Democratic representative’s email contact form.

An easy way to work for a more egalitarian society is to contact your representatives and ask for an option, if it isn’t already there, for men’s issues to be a message topic if applicable. Both genders have issues that should be worked on. One concern I have is that people might start pushing back against gender equality if men’s issues are ignored because they aren’t the correct gender for some people for their rights to be taken seriously, so this is important. I for one care about men’s and women’s rights. A website where you can find who your representative is if you are in the USA is at

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