Here’s how to boycott USA products and services until citizenship based taxation is repealed.

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The USA is one of 2 countries that imposes lifetime taxation on worldwide income based on citizenship and not residency. This means that people whose lives are in other countries are subject to taxation from people in the USA. For example when Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who was born in the USA but grew up in the UK, bought a house in the UK the IRS wanted to tax him. In effect, the USA is punishing USA citizens who want to be successful in another country. Many people in the USA say, “If you don’t like it, then leave.” Well, many of us did leave, but we’re still subject to federal taxes past a certain amount of income. Donald Trump recently said that, basically, the USA was founded on values of independence and liberty. With the over 300,000 laws, many of which were created by unelected bureaucrats, many places in the USA not allowing people to choose what they want to do with their lawn such as grow their grass or grow vegetables or raise chickens, many vices being illegal, the seeming disregard for the 4th amendment in too many cases such as the USA PATRIOT act, the pseudo-countries that were meant to be the states being further and further restricted by the federal government, and so forth, the concept of liberty has become a joke in the USA past the 1st and 2nd amendments. Some of us want to leave so we have more freedom for what is important to us. I don’t make enough to get past the $101,000 or so threshold to have to pay taxes overseas, but I’d like to in the future without being punished with taxes from a country I don’t live in, nor want to move back to. The fee for renouncing citizenship, which I’m not eligible to change yet, is $2,350, which is more than an entire paycheck for me. Plus, if some bureaucrat feels that I renounced my citizenship to avoid taxes, then I’d be banned from entering the USA again. What if I want to visit? My joke is that it’s the land of the free, that’s why they’d want to ban people for life. Many Americans overseas have contacted their representatives in the past to repeal citizenship based taxation in favor of residency based taxation. This hasn’t worked, nor will overseas Americans contacting representatives in the future likely work. Citizenship based taxation in the USA has been a law for over 100 years now. I call on all Americans overseas to boycott products made from American companies to the extent they feel comfortable with, and be vocal about this boycott. I plan to make a running list of alternative products as they come up.

The List:

Here is a list of alternatives to products and services from the USA to help with the boycott. For the purposes of definition, these are products where the head company is based in the USA, the products is made mostly in the USA, and/ or the service is based in the USA. In some cases the electronics for example may or may not have parts made in the USA. However, most likely the parts are made in China or Japan among other non-USA countries. Even if you only boycott some, every bit helps. In addition, if people overseas are doing business with an American based business, and there is the option to source from a non-American source, I urge you to choose the non-American source until citizenship based taxation is repealed. I plan to update this list. If any companies not in the USA want to be listed here, you can contact me through this website. To search through this list easier, press ctrl+f on your keyboard and type in a keyword, and hopefully it will be on there. If not, please contact me preferably with an alternative product under the category you want.

Internet browser: Opera (from Norway)

Computer Security: Kaspersky (Russia), Avast (Czech Republic)

Smartphone: Sony (Japan), Sharp (Japan/ China), Huawei (China), Samsung (Korea), Fairphone (Netherlands, only works in certain EU places as far as I know)

Smartphone Operating System: ? (Does anyone know an alternative? A different Linux distribution could work, but I haven’t found a good one yet).

Computer Operating System: ? (Does anyone know an alternative? A different Linux distribution could work, but I haven’t found a good one yet).

Language Learning Software: Memrise (UK)

Food: Many countries, whether in the form of private businesses using country of origin labeling or whether compelled by law, have the country of origin labeled somewhere on the product. Many products, including beef, pork, chicken, fish, and so forth, are made in the USA. Please note the labeling, and refuse to buy any of the products made in the USA. Also please note that even though the company is popular in the USA, Nestle is a Swiss brand. I remember someone thought Nestle was an American company once.

Video Game Consoles: Playstation 4 (Japan), Nintendo Switch (Japan)

Watch: Seiko

Smartwatch: Sony (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Huawei (China), Asus (China)

Social Network: Please let me know if you know of a good alternative. Right now there is a Facebook page at, however I’d prefer to use a social network not based in the USA.

In addition to this, if there is enough interest I could look into making an app for smartphones to find if products are from the USA or not.

Note on Voting:

Americans abroad can still vote in federal elections, and in some cases state elections. With a small amount of exceptions most federal politicians in the USA on both the Republican and Democratic side have not been interested enough to repeal citizenship based taxation and give liberty for people to move from the country without being taxed, if they are above a certain pay grade. If enough were interested, citizenship based taxation would have been repealed sometime in the last 100 years. The Libertarian party is the only party in the USA on most ballots that actually cares to repeal citizenship based taxation. You can still vote how you like of course, but please consider this when voting.

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