Here’s why supporting traditional arts, crafts, and food is so important.

Many regions of the world have arts and crafts that sometimes look cool, sometimes they look lame. Over time some of these are phased out of society and possibly forgotten. How would we know which traditional arts and crafts were forgotten if everyone has forgotten them? Peaceful arts and crafts give people a way to be entertained, and having multiple options for peaceful entertainment is important for society. Otherwise if people get too bored, then they might go off and do more destructive things.

Traditional arts and crafts also can help people with new ideas that could be applied to modern day issues. For example, plastics and metal take a lot of resources to make. Many umbrellas are made of plastic and metal. However, there is a type of umbrella, which is called wagasa in Japanese, that is made from wood, bamboo, lacquer, and a kind of traditional Japanese paper called washi. This results in a more environmentally friendly umbrella. More environmentally friendly versions of some metal and plastic products are needed now, and inspiration for such products can come from the past.

Having the stimulation of a new experience, by way of experiencing a new art or craft, can help create other ideas which are helpful for society. It could help spawn inspiration for fiction works which is a form of entertainment to help people be less bored, and people being not bored in a peaceful way is good for society. The diversity of how to use resources could help with new product designs. If there is a scarcity of a resource, having local access to how to do the old way of doing things without the use of computers is important for society. If modern technology went away for some reason, like from a natural disaster such as a solar flare, it’s important to have people around who know the traditional ways of making arts and crafts, such as pottery so people have something to collect water in. This is to help keep society moving in a way that would be a lot more tolerable than not having people with crafting skills.

Supporting traditional arts and crafts can help society be peaceful, it can help people be less bored, it can help give inspiration for new ideas from the additional stimulus of a new experience, it can help in a hypothetical time of technological collapse (better to be safe than sorry), and so forth. What kind of traditional arts and crafts do you like? Have you bought any kind of traditional art or craft? What do you think?
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