Honolulu to get its first micro-housing development

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During university in Tokyo I lived for some time in what could be called a micro-housing. This was a more ideal option than a bigger apartment, because it costs less to rent (it was maybe around $600 USD equivalent a month in Shinjuku ward), it cost less to heat or air condition than a bigger apartment, and since I planned to be out a lot anyways, I mostly needed a place where I could sleep before I go back out.

Micro-housing units might not be for everyone, but it was good for me, and I prefer them over larger apartments. Having micro-housing units also allows for populations to be more dense, which can allow for better public transportation in the future. Since Honolulu has a problem with traffic, micro-housing units could make transportation such as bus rapid transit or light rail more likely to happen.

The micro-housing units in Honolulu are expected to be completed in January 2020, with 110 rental units. Proposed rents range from $500 to $995 a month. The units will be in a tower that is 14 stories tall, and this is a $27 million project.

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