I might vote for Mike Braun, but I’m not happy about it.

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Mike Braun is the Republican candidate for federal senate for the state of Indiana in this election. He has been allowing such immature attack ads to be put forward, and I’m embarrassed that I might be voting for him. I also want to know what makes him so different than other Indiana Republicans at the federal level who have voted for more debt and bigger government at the federal level via more spending. I believe social services should be handled at the state level by the way. Will he vote to repeal the USA PATRIOT Act for example? I doubt he cares to repeal it.

He wants stronger borders, which I support. However, even with a Republican majority, a merit-based system hasn’t been made yet and it’s been 2 years. Braun basically says he’s troubled by the debt, but how many Republicans before him have said the same thing, that they care about the debt, but then vote to increase it? Most of the Republicans in federal government voted to screw over the USA government’s finances further, and Joe Donnelly, the current Democratic senator from Indiana, joined them. Donnelly voting for increasing the debt is one huge reason I don’t plan to vote for him.

I’m also concerned I’ll just end up being disappointed by Braun, especially since Braun wants a stronger military, which means more spending for a military with much more defense spending abroad in conflicts that the USA should just stay out of. For example, Al-Assad never attacked the USA. People in the government of the USA shouldn’t be supporting attacks on that government, because it’s not the business of the USA. I support a self-defense force which only attacks when attacked. The people in the government of the USA should support a strong national guard, police force, and justice system within budget. Braun might just end up being the latest edition of voting for bigger federal government via more spending, while talking a big game about having less government.

Oftentimes I vote for the Libertarian party as my ‘no confidence’ vote for the choices, but Trump is different, and Trump supports Braun. I don’t like a lot of what Trump says either, but he’s taking better actions than other Republican candidates would have in my opinion. It’s a difficult decision, and the Braun campaign’s immaturity in its messaging isn’t helping. To give you an idea, a couple of his nicknames for Joe Donnelly are, “Sleepin’ Joe,” and, “Mexico Joe.” Their team isn’t even entertaining or creative with their insults unlike Trump, so there isn’t even the entertainment value. It’s cringy. If you want to see what I’m talking about, here is Mike Braun’s campaign Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/mikebraunforindiana/. See how many of his points can be rebutted against pretty easily, or are just cringy.

I still have the no confidence Libertarian vote that should be available.

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