I will culturally appropriate whatever I want.

Op-ed USA Politics

Some people who may have control issues, and want to take that out on others by trying to get them to give in to ridiculous demands, or by bullying them in some other way, want people who aren’t the correct enough race for their racist selves to dress and act a certain way according to their race and heritage. To that I say, screw that, I will do what I want. I will cook whatever food I want within legal bounds, I will listen to any music I want, and I will wear what I want within legal bounds. What will make these people even more upset, is that I refuse to give in to their racist demands. Some of them say that they aren’t capable of racism because they aren’t the correct race for it, but I don’t care about their definition and they are racist to me.

As someone of British heritage, Britain being where the modern English language came from, and Italian heritage, modern day Italy being where the Latin script which English is written in came from, I hereby give everyone around the world permission to use, read, and write in English. I’m ok with it, because I’m not some racist who wants to prevent people from doing peaceful things because they aren’t the correct enough race. Furthermore, how many of these racists are ok with men or women wearing clothes stereotypically prescribed to the other gender? I’m ok with it, but the irony should be pointed out. Once their ‘revolution’ eats enough of their own, then hopefully more people from that side of politics will listen more to other perspectives. One perspective is that people should be judged by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their sex, and so forth.

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