If charities have more support, then there might be less need for government funding.

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I started a website called www.DonateToMedicalResearch.com. It’s original goal is to be a small database of places that people can donate to for medical research, based on medical issue. So if someone has a medical issue, they can look up the medical issue and donate to it in the hopes that their medical issue can be cured. It makes sense. I want volunteers to help populate the website with places to donate to which focus all or mostly on funds going to medical research, in contrast to a lot of money going towards nonprofit fundraising efforts, marketing, and so forth. I want to avoid the nonprofits that only use a small amount of their funds towards medical research.

Part of the Libertarian party of the USA’s platform, from what I understand, is that charities where people use their own funds to choose where they want funds to go, should take the place of government using funds for social programs that people may or may not want money going to. Here is a John Stossel video to watch. Do you really want your money going towards those kinds of activities? Would you rather your money go to medical research? If you vote for the Libertarian party, you could have lower taxes, and more of a choice of where your money goes to.

I’m pretty frustrated at many Republicans’ big talk about small government, only to put the country further into debt which could screw over people my age and younger. Here’s a link for membership to the Libertarian party, and here’s a link for donating to the Libertarian party. I’ll want to support the Republican party more once they start seeming more like small federal government Libertarians, similar to Rand Paul.

From https://www.lp.org/libertarian-party-registration-surges-92-10-years/

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