Japanese officials in negotiations for Prime Minister Abe to meet China’s President Xi Jinping in October

International Affairs News

Officials in the government of Japan and China are in negotiations for the prime minister of Japan, and the president of China, to meet October 23rd. This is to help mark the 40th anniversary of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. The relationship between people in the governments of both countries has been back and forth. For example, some people in China believe that people in the government of Japan haven’t apologized correctly for bad things that people in the Japanese army did during World War 2 in China. There is also the issue of who has sovereignty over the Senkaku (Japanese name)/ Diaoyu (Chinese name) islands. You can find the islands’ location via Google maps here.

With the federal government of the USA putting pressure on China’s economy, it’s a good time for the leaders of Japan and China to discuss how each other could cooperate in the future. Given that trade with the USA is more difficult for China right now, Xi Jinping may be more willing to work for closer trade relations with Japan. Even though the USA and Japan are allies, it doesn’t mean that Japan has to follow the trade rules of the USA. For example, people in the governments of Japan and the EU signed a free trade agreement, while people in the government of the USA were working on putting tariffs up. Japan and Iran have trade ties as well, even though the USA has had sanctions on Iran on and off.

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