Local politician trying to figure out what this nonvoting resident wants

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Local politician Winona Adams is trying to figure out what Zach Williams, a nonvoting resident of her district, thinks about important issues. “Voting can signal which policies I need to cater to to win votes, and this is one way to get me to work more on certain issues,” said Winona. “Zach never messages me but I need as much input as possible to do my job well,” she added.

Zach, nicknamed ‘The Esteemed Zacharoni’ by his friends, said that he has multiple issues that he cares about at the local level. “This city should be denser and more walkable, solar panels should go on top of government buildings, and since the city’s water pipes need replacing it’d be good to have them replaced with pipes that can generate hydropower from the water running through the pipes,” he said. When asked about if he’s told the person who represents him on the local level this, he said that he thinks she won’t care. “All politicians are the same,” Zach reported. He also added that they just need to guess what he’s thinking.

“It’s my job to listen to what people in the district I represent have to say,” said Winona. She added, “Especially since local politicians oftentimes have less people to represent, they get less messages than a federal congressperson or senator. This can make it easier to influence them.” When I told her about Zach’s plan, she said that she had never even considered the solar panel or hydropower options, and that they were great ideas that she wished he would have messaged her about sooner. “Seriously, out of all of the politicians on the ballot, the local ones are the ones that have to live in the city they represent and live the consequences of their actions,” Winona said.

It matters when people vote, since the more votes someone gets the more the winner will often need to cater to the center of the candidate positions in order to keep their job. If you find yourself not messaging a politician about an issue, as yourself, “What do I have to lose?” What do you think about voting and messaging politicians? Comment to let us know.

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3 years ago

Yeah it’s probably better to vote and message the local representative.

3 years ago

Perhaps if more people would message local politicians, more would get done at the local level. Getting more done at the local level could be beneficial to more being accomplished at the state and national levels. Get out and vote everyone!