Macedonia will vote on changing its name. Here are my top 5 name suggestions for Macedonia.

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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia, is involved in controversy because of its name. Greece has a region called Macedonia which came first and borders the Republic of Macedonia. Also, some people in Greece don’t like that only a relatively small part of the ancient Kingdom of Macedon was within the borders of the current Republic of Macedonia. This is a bit like if Mexico were to declare itself the Republic of Texas. As of writing I wouldn’t care of Mexico did that, but I guess the name is really important to people in Greece so whatever. So international organizations have a provisional name as the recognized name called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which is sometimes abbreviated as FYROM. The prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia said in May 2018 that the new name will be put to a public vote. Here are my top 5 choices for a new name:

1.) Macechist

Maybe the voters will be into it. Who am I to judge?

2.) Mash Potatoes

Turkey is nearby, and mashed potatoes can go well with turkey.

3.) Charles

This is so that the country Chad has a first name friend.

4.) Diddlywimplekins

It would be amazing to hear this as a country name every time that the country was being discussed.

5.) The Greatest Country

People living there might think it’s the greatest country.

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3 years ago

My vote is for Charles.