Man thrives by using only things from his assigned culture, uses no cultural appropriation

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A local man has succeeded in thriving on using things only from his race appointed culture, which is a white western man with German and Irish heritage. Due to the Latin alphabet that English uses for its letters and numbers being invented in what is now Italy, and he’s only fluent in Germany and Gaelic, he can’t read or write using Latin characters, and he can’t speak English. However, we had a translator who was able to appropriate and exploit his culture’s language for their capitalist gain (I paid the translator to help translate), so that I could understand what he was saying. Since I’m of British and Italian heritage, with Britain being where English is from and the Latin script being invented in what is now Italy, I’m allowed to read and write in English using the Latin alphabet. “One of my favorite meals is mash potatoes with milk, butter, and sauerkraut,” he told me through a translator, who is shameless in their appropriation of other cultures that they are not assigned to through her use of another language not of her ethnicity.

“This is how white people should be acting, according to their race and heritage,” said Taylor Wilson. Taylor believes that to fight racism, people of certain races need to act a certain way based on their perceived race and ethnicity. “I agree with Taylor’s opinion that people need to act according to their race and keep to their race and heritage,” said white supremacist Andrew Martin. “Whites need to stick with whites to protect our racial purity and move our superior race forward,” he continued.

The local man doesn’t want to cause offense to Taylor and others. “I have so much white guilt because of what my ancestors did. It’s as if I owned the slaves and murdered all of those Native Americans with my fists. There is no difference,” he said. He was told to feel white guilt for slavery in which some black Africans and some European white people made money from. None of his verifiable ancestors owned slaves. “I’ve turned myself into police for the enslavement of blacks and the murder of thousands of Native Americans since I’m personally responsible. But they wouldn’t accept it and laughed,” he added before saying under his breath, “Almost as if the concept was a joke.”

“Every culture on earth got information from some other people. Every successful culture has used information from someone else,” said anthropologist Sarah Wong. “It’s racist to say that people can’t adopt things from other cultures because of their race. I argue that some of this desire to make white people submit to rules that could be perceived as racist, is a result of an aspect of some parts of southwestern USA culture. There a culture of honor in the southwest of the USA in my opinion, which is a culture where people try not to intentionally offend others but they don’t accept perceived improper conduct. This culture can include a perceived importance of aggression, insults, and domination. You can read about this in Richard Nisbett and Dov Cohen’s book Culture of Honor, and chapter 6 of Outliers by Malom Gladwell. Seeing as most black slaves were in the southwest, then many of their descendants moved to other parts of the USA during the Great Migration from that area, this aspect of southern culture as possibly evidenced by southern accents could have come with them. From there they could have experienced issues that come with economic class, and that coupled with the southern culture they brought with them could have resulted in concepts meant to dominate others who they perceive as insulting them and not accepting it, rather than leaving people alone as long as they aren’t actually hurting them. This concept of cultural appropriation I believe could have come out of this, and expands the scope for what could be considered an insult by some people, and once they feel insulted people who are a part of this aspect of the southern culture might want to dominate and bully others who they feel insulted them,” she continued.

What do you think? Should people be allowed to use things from other cultures regardless of race?

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