Meteorologist confirms that weather to calm itself sometime later this year

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If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may have noticed that it’s been hot since it’s been summer. If you live in a place in the northern hemisphere that isn’t hot during the summer, then fan-freaking-tastic for you. It’s about 84 degrees Fahrenheit (about 29 degrees Celsius) right now and it’s a little past 12AM where I’m at. Meteorologist Jeff Smith has confirmed that this taste of hell is scheduled to calm itself sometime later this year. “With fall scheduled to arrive within the next few months, temperatures should cool to purgatory levels,” he stated. It’s important to drink a good amount of fresh water to stay hydrated, and as the temperature is expected to be 97 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow (about 36 degrees Celsius) with humidity, may the heavens have mercy on your soul.

Jeff also confirmed that this weather isn’t as hot as his mixtape, scheduled to be released in September.

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