Microsoft’s underwater data center could be part of a deep state plot to open up this shipping route

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The deep state, all of it, has suggested that Microsoft’s new underwater data center could be part of a deep state plot to open up arctic shipping lanes. This is geopolitically important because it could allow for Russia to have warm water ports, thus lessening its need to expand westward back into areas with warm water ports. Russia’s effective need for a warm water port is a reason why annexing Crimea was so important, as the port at Sevastopol is now considered by some to be Russia’s only warm water port.

“We need to keep Russia at bay, and the geopolitics of Russia make it important to get Russia a warm water port within its current borders so it has less of a need to expand westward,” said a member of the deep state. “If Microsoft is successful at warming the sea with their underwater data centers, this could make more of Russia’s ports ice free year round,” the source continued.

This could also be a reason why so many politicians in the USA deny global warming and keep pushing for energy sources which increase global warming. They could want to let Russia have warm water ports so it will  have less of a reason to push towards gaining land in eastern Europe and further escalate tensions. Russia is also the country that emits the 4th most amount of greenhouse gasses, all from one cow named Betsy who farts so much that it’s a viable way to accelerate global warming to get warm water ports for Russia.

Professor Tony Smith says that Russia may still try to push westward to gain land, however he admits that this deep state plot could help to alleviate pressures in the west of the Ural Mountains in Russia. “There is still the issue of armies being able to have easier access to the west of Russia due to geography,” he states. Having a bigger land buffer between other countries and Moscow could be a goal of Russia to make supply routes longer for any potential invading military, however if its warm water port needs are securely met, and cooperation occurs with other countries peacefully, then the desire to push westward could go away. This cooperation could be similar to how the EU helps France and Germany get along so that wars don’t start between them, partly due to the geopolitical situation between the two now allies.

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