Missouri should cut off Illinois from the St. Louis area Metrolink for passenger safety.

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Here’s a friendly reminder that having a gun to protect yourself on the Metrolink in the St. Louis area is a felony as far as I know. The people who patrol the stations and sometimes trains of the rail system are not actual police officers, but hired private security who don’t have the authority to arrest people from what I understand. Part of this is because it would take an act of federal congress to establish an inter-state security force to patrol the train system to help keep people safe, especially if the state deemed that people aren’t allowed to carry what they need to protect themselves on public transportation in some of the most dangerous cities in the USA (St. Louis and East St. Louis, and the Metrolink¬† goes to both).

In order to bypass the need for federal congress to allow an inter-state police force to protect the Metrolink system, Metrolink has no pay gates to keep non-payers out, and most people can walk into a train without paying (although that’s against the rules) and some can even find easy targets because they know it’s illegal to bring self-defense weapons onto the Metrolink from what I understand. This is in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, St. Louis, which ranked 13th most dangerous in the world as of the most recent listing (https://www.businessinsider.com/most-violent-cities-in-the-world-2018-3#12-culiacan-mexico-had-7010-homicides-per-100000-residents-39). At least having a police force could help mitigate some of the issues, and maybe even deter some crime with their presence.

Allowing people to bring guns to protect themselves onto the Metrolink could be a good step too.

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