Nebraska school district to switch to online only to save money and lives

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A school district in Nebraska decided to switch to an online only schooling system for kids starting from kindergarten to 12th grade. With gun violence in schools a topic of discussion, this would help to eliminate physical schools altogether. “If there is no school, then there is less of a target to shoot. Since we have no physical school buildings, this saves costs too. We can use money that otherwise would have gone to busses and building costs, and spend money to buy what students need to get their schoolwork done. This will help them to be self-sufficient with their research too which is an important skill,” said the head of the school district Charles Smith.

To save costs, the school district also plans to hire people to write textbooks that will be available for free access by students doing their courses. This is projected to cost less than buying textbooks from a third party. They plan to use this money to help subsidize food costs for students who need it.

“We want to make sure that the students are well fed, hydrated, and well rested,” added Charles. Children and teenagers need more sleep on average than adults, and in this new school system, the students can sleep in until they naturally wake up. “This will help them to retain information,” claims Charles.

What do you think? Should this kind of school system be more widely adopted? Do you think it is a good idea, or a great idea? Comment to let us know what you think.

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4 years ago

I think it’s a good idea. I read somewhere that it’s good for kids to be exposed to bacteria from other kids to build their immune system. This, socialization, might be not ideal. However, kids can still be exposed to bacteria from going out (although some might not).

4 years ago

Yeah that could be a good way to save money. I hope it works out.