Opposition politician bravely calls for another politician to resign because of this chicken related allegation

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Wanda Anderson, a Democrat, has bravely called on a Republican politician to quit amid unproven allegations. “John Peterson should be ashamed for wearing his horse head mask, coming up behind innocent chickens, and trying to ride them as if they were horses,” Wanda stated. “Poor things,” she added, shaking her head while looking towards the ground.

“Look, I only wear my horse head mask responsibly and ride on the backs of consenting adults to and from where I need to go,” said a John. “The allegations are unproven, and I’ve filed charges for libel against the chicken ranch owner who accused me of this,” he added. John argues that he has gone to university, has worked his entire working life in public service, and Wanda wants everything he worked for to go away and leave him potentially homeless over an unproven allegation. “If she values people’s work that little, it could make you wonder how she treats other workers that she has if she so easily calls on people to throw away their life’s work because of a lie from a chicken farmer.”

I went to the farm where this alleged incident occurred. The farmer Jason Williams said, “I looked out my window and all of the sudden there he is, our senator John Peterson in his horse head mask trying to ride a chicken like its a horse. I came outside to confront him and he ran into a car and drove away.” I asked how he was sure it was John, Jason said, “Who else wears a mask like that?” I asked him his political affiliation, and he said that he’s a Democrat. I saw a horse head on the table behind him, but I decided to leave instead.

The court case is still ongoing for John Peterson, who has been ordered not to wear his signature horse head mask to trial. Some Republicans are calling on him to quit since midterm elections are happening this year. John says he will prove that he’s innocent and that he will clear his name. As of writing, Wanda will continue to be brave and ask John to throw away everything he has worked for because of an unproven allegation that he rode a chicken while wearing a horse head mask.

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3 years ago

Innocent until proven guilty is the best way to go.

3 years ago
Reply to  card223

Yeah, like there is this case of the governor of Missouri Eric Greitens who is being called on to resign, even though there isn’t evidence of the alleged crime of transmitting a naked or half naked photo of someone else without their permission. The prosecution admitted there was no evidence so far, but people are calling on him to resign. I think it’s politically motivated.