People who say some others want free health care need to give fair arguments for helpful discourse.

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If the government provides universal health care in the USA, in my opinion it will probably be not good quality. I also believe that this should be done at the state level, and only the states that vote to have universal health care should have it, while states that want free market health care should be able to do so as well which would require less federal government rules. This would require less federal taxes so that states could have the budget needed to have such a system if they wanted it, among other reasons. I sometimes read some people criticizing people who want universal health care, or no tuition university (which I disagree with, unless it’s done through private funds as part of a charity), saying that they want this for free. In my view it’s typed as some sort of ‘gotcha’ moment.

Every single person I know that wants universal health care or tuition-free university wants taxes raised to pay for it. They understand they can’t get it for literally 0 cost for anyone, and they believe more money needs to be raised through taxes as the way these are paid for. They also want their future and current taxes to go to this system.┬áIntellectually honest arguments need to be made if people on the right are to be taken more seriously by people on the left. There are a lot of points where I want a lot less government regulation, and I want to make sure that people on the right are making fair arguments. Of course there are many people on the left who also make intellectually dishonest arguments. But it’s good to live by example right?

There are many people who also understand this, and argue that the people in the government shouldn’t be funding health care with tax money. This article is aimed at people who, to me, seem like they believe that people who want universal health care expect it to be free without anyone paying for it. It doesn’t happen too often, but every bit counts. To be fair, there are some people who probably believe that every activity should be voluntary for no money, or that health care should be a volunteer only activity in some other kind of system. But I believe that a lot of people on the left for example still believe that some sort of money or other resources should be exchanged in return for medical work.

Or I could totally be misreading the situation. That’s possible too.

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