Project AIUR is holding a €100,000 equivalent competition to, “..debunk your field’s most annoying misconception.”

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Project AIUR is holding a competition which will award €100,000 equivalent, but in the Ethereum cryptocurrency, to the entity that debunks their fields most annoying misconception. Project AIUR is a part of which was a top 10 team that stood out as part of the IBM Watson X-Prize. Part of the goal of is to create an AI that will allow people to find research papers easier, from what I understand.

The criteria, as stated on the competition website (, is, “All proposals will be evaluated on a) their impact ambition: how relevant and important the project is to the world b) their research excellence: the fact-based backing of the proposal and its goals and c) execution capabilities: clearly laid out plan and researcher credentials.”

The deadline is September 25th for submissions, and you can find more information at

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