Republicans to support Democratic leader being chosen based on race instead of merit

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In a surprise move, some Republicans are supporting the next Democratic leader being chosen because of their race and gender, and not because of their merit. “We have a truly historic chance for the opposing party to purposefully nominate someone who is subpar, and this will help raise our chances of victory,” said a spokesperson for the Republican party.

“Minorities are not being represented in leadership positions, and it’s time we had someone who isn’t white in leadership,” said a member of the Democratic party. “If we ensure that white people are barred from leadership positions in the Democratic party in favor of people of color, this better representation will benefit us all,” they continued.

In response, the Republican spokesperson said, “Oh of course it will benefit us all. The Republican party benefits us all, and if they are going to bring people forward who aren’t the most qualified, but we do, their disadvantage will cause them to lose. Of course the most qualified person might be not white, that’s totally fine. But statistically if 77% of the people in the USA are white, there’s a chance that at least 77% of the most qualified people are going to be white. Where we differ from the Democrats is that we don’t care what race the most qualified person is, and we’ll promote based on merit rather than skin color.”

As of writing, some people still believe that expecting less of people because of the color of their skin isn’t racist.

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