Sexy Vegan, Kanye ‘Deez Nuts’ West, Bub Squeal Bubbington, and more are legally running for president.

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As of August 29th 2018, there are already some interesting candidate names out there who have actually legally filed for president of the USA for the 2020 election. You can confirm at

Here are some of the names that came up:

Sexy Vegan is likely the same person who changed his name to Sexy Vegan that was featured on Dr. Phil. Here’s a video of him:

And in this clip, you can see that he wanted to be the first American king. However, his dreams of being the first American king may be doomed since, and this is real, John Edward ‘Kingtamer’ D’Aura has legally filed to run for president as an affiliate of the Make America Greater party, as reflected in his filing.

By the way, since then Sexy Vegan seems to have chilled a bit and got more help, and credit needs to be given where credit is due:

Good job Sexy Vegan.

Kanye ‘Deez Nuts’ West, whose filed address is 1977 Gold Digger Ave., Suite Yeezus in Chicago, Illinois, filed to run as a Green party candidate. His principal committee name is called the Back Dat Azz Up Committee which has its address at 1982 Lil Weezyana Dr., Carter Building  in New Orleans, Louisiana. Another authorized committee is the Get Crunk Committee whose address is 1971 East Side Boyz Blvd., Suite Ahh Skeet Skeet in Atlanta, Georgia.

If people want to watch the world burn, they can vote in Floyd Azrael (Death) Yancey from Memphis, Tennessee, whose Elect Azrael for President! For the family friendly, wholesome apocalypse you deserve! committee could invite the apocalypse.

Do you want someone richer than Donald Trump to run for president? It’s possible, but based on statistics I can find, unlikely, that  Zillionaire Empress Danielle P60007077 Husser Berhane (actual filed name) from Beverly Hills, California has filed to run as a Republican.

Another Trump has filed to run for office as well. St. Mega / Paul Logan Trump Destroyer (listed on the filing as ‘Destroyer, Trump, , St., Mega / Paul, Logan, , ,’), who either isn’t affiliated with a party, or is an affiliate of the None party. His principal committee is Swerch Babayaga, located in the filed location New Delhi, California, zip code 00000.

Bub Squeal Bubbington, whose signature lists him as Mr. Bub Squeal Bubbington, Sr. is filed to run as an independent from Washington state.

Another candidate seems to have a fitting name for their desired role. President R19 Boddie filed to run as a Republican candidate from Covington, Georgia. He has a principal committee named R19forPRESIDENTxElectPRESIDENTBODDIE2020, located in (actual city spelling on the filing) Atlantia, Georgia.

Other interesting names include Charles Edward 1985 Male Mills and Sammy No middle name Sam Ret Garret.

Here are the PDF files for each of the filings of the people mentioned:

Sexy Vegan
Kanye Deez Nuts West
Yancey (Death)
Zillionare Empress
Bub Squeal Bubbington
President Boddie
Charles 1985 Male
Sammy No Middle Name

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