Should Taiwan have its own 2020 Olympics team?

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Today I was walking in Tokyo and there was a group of people promoting Taiwan being its own country at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Pictured is a sticker that I got from them. The leadership of China considers Taiwan as a breakaway province, however Taiwan wants to be its own country. Taiwan is geopolitically important to China, because China otherwise has a difficult time accessing the Pacific Ocean and its trading routes without other countries having power over the routes to and from China.

If Taiwan is recognized as a country for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this could further fuel tensions between the people in the governments of China and Japan, which at the moment seems to be improving relative to the past. This partly would be a decision by the International Olympic Committee, however people in governments could try to pressure the committee a bit. From my perspective, it’s unlikely that Japan would push for this, but it’s interesting that there is a push by some people in Japan (albeit possibly a small number) for Taiwan to be recognized as its own country for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

What do you think? Should Taiwan be recognized as its own country for the purposes of the 2020 Olympics? Should Olympians from Taiwan be under the Chinese flag for the competition?

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