Here are the states with the highest and lowest taxes in 2018.

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WalletHub made a list of the states with the highest and lowest taxes, when including property tax burden, individual income tax, and sales and excise tax. When looking at where to live, tax rates may influence people’s decisions. So many other sites would screw your time over by giving you multiple slides that might take too long to load versus having a list. Here are the 10 lowest tax states using these parameters:

1.) Alaska
2.) Delaware
3.) Tennessee
4.) Florida
5.) New Hampshire
6.) Oklahoma
7.) South Dakota
8.) Alabama
9.) Montana
10.) Virginia

Here are the top 10 highest:

1.) New York
2.) Hawaii
3.) Maine
4.) Vermont
5.) Minnesota
6.) Connecticut
7.) Rhode Island
8.) Illinois
9.) New Jersey
10.) California

Here is an embedded map from WalletHub of the ranking:

Source: WalletHub

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