Step right up and feast your eyes at the 7 reasons why this time with North Korea is different than the other times leadership did something similar

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North Korea has announced that it is stopping its Nuclear Weapons program and is set to meet President Trump in May or June. This time is for sure different than the other times North Korean leadership, when pressured about its nuclear weapons program, told people they would stop and were really nice, and then later they went back to doing nuclear weapons things once people stopped worrying. For historical reference, the leaders of North Korea and South Korea have considered Korea to be one country, and the other half of the country is in control of a sort of rebel force. North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war since they have not signed a peace agreement. If a leader of North Korea of South KoreaHere are the 7 reasons why it’s different this time.

1.) North Korea has a different leader than the other times.

Now Kim Jong Un is in power in North Korea.

2.) There was a drought in 2017, and 2017 is a later year than the other times there were food shortages and North Korea was being nicer.

In the past there have been droughts in North Korea. In a complete coincidence, around those times the government of North Korea started being nicer to other countries, and other countries would send aid such as free food to North Korea, even while there were people in their own countries who could have benefited from the free food. Afterwards the government of North Korea would go back to being isolationist and less cooperative once the drought passed. This time though, it’s 2017, and 2017 is a different number than other years this kind of thing happened.

3.) There is a different president in both China and the USA than the last time this kind of situation happened.

As of writing the president of the USA is Donald Trump and the president of China is Xi Jinping.

4.) North Korea already has nukes.

North Korea’s first nuclear blast occurred in 2006. So now they have nukes.

5.) The USA withdrew nukes in 1991 from South Korea, so there are no nukes in South Korea as far as official reports go.

While North Korea has had nukes since 2006, the USA agreed to pull nukes out of South Korea, an ally of the USA, in 1991. North Korean leadership is speculated to want the USA to pull out of South Korea, or at least do so in a meaningful capacity, in return for more North Korean cooperation. And this time there is a different leader in power in North Korea.

6.) North Korea had a delegation at the winter Olympics that they sent to South Korea in 2018.

So that’s pretty cool.

7.) The first official phone line between North Korean and South Korean leaders was opened in 2018.

Kim Jong Un, who totally officially hasn’t already achieved his nuclear ambitions or is really close to doing so which is why he is being nice, jointly opened up a phone line with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in. They can discuss diplomatic relations, trade, and how effective jointly launching over a thousand puppies into warzones in the name of peace is.

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4 years ago

Wow, hopefully things are different with this new North Korean leader.