The 10 reasons a ‘blue wave’ might not be coming to the USA elections this year may surprise you.

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The ‘blue wave’ is the concept that a lot of people from the Democratic party will win in the election, in this case the 2018 election. But some people think that the Republican party will either retain a majority or gain even more of a majority. Here are 10 reasons why a blue wave might not be coming in 2018:

1.) The USA government could turn to payday loans.

This could crash the worth of the dollar due to the high interest payments, and the inability to pay the debt with interest payment. This could cause the country to collapse and disband all government, leaving no Democratic or Republican party in its wake.

2.) Democrats could be distracted by cute animals and miss the voting date.

More Democrats than Republicans may be distracted by cute animals online, but which party will have the most people looking at cute animals on Beyond the Echo Chamber is a toss up that could help decide the election.

3.) Chad could become Chastity, Trump could support this change, and this could tip things in favor of the Republicans.

The country of Chad could become Chastity in an unprecedented move for a country. Supporting this change could show open-mindedness on the side of Republicans to the general public, which could win over some voters.

4.) All climate change could happen and cause chaos.

This chaos could prevent people from getting to the polls, especially in crucial swing states.

5.) Missourian Marsha Williams might stay in and eat mashed potatoes with hot sauce and gummy bears instead.

Her vote may be the vote that causes a candidate to win the election by 1, changing the course of history and laying waste to the hopes and dreams of the other candidate.

6.) Artist may attempt magenta wave, causing political chaos.

Red and blue mixed is magenta, and putting these together in a political wave could cause people to questions things, causing split tickets or third party wins. This could also work in Democrats’ favor, depending on the person.

7.) Bernie Sanders could win the presidency in 2018 in an upset as an independent candidate.

Bernie Sanders could run as an independent candidate and become president in 2018, with Rand Paul as his vice presidential nominee in an unprecedented move. #Randie2018

8.) All voters could be stuck in an infinite news feed, unable to get out.

While trying to find information on candidates, the readers could be stuck in an infinite news feed hoping that the information they want is just a little further, and they don’t want to give up now if what they want is so close.

9.) Lord Jellyfish could take over the USA’s coasts, strangling sea supply routes and declaring themselves the leader.

Jellyfish numbers have been increasing rapidly, and this conflict could cause the Republicans to retain power in a similar way to how George W. Bush retained power during conflicts in the middle east.

10.) The identity politics of some people in the Democratic party are putting off people who want people to be judged by the content of their character, and not by other factors they can’t help.

Different colors, equally as annoying when they make sounds.

With policies such as affirmative action, cultural appropriation accusationsSt. Louis giving business owners of the perceived correct race or gender a 5% discount on construction contracts that the government hires for, men’s rights issues being largely ignored in favor of focusing only on women’s issues when it comes to gender based issues, and so forth, this has put some people off of voting for the Democratic party. While they mean well, treating people differently because of their race or gender, factors they can’t help, could come across as unnecessarily unfair for people, and those people might not vote for the Democratic party, which could cause less of a chance for a blue wave this election.

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