The exciting story of why this Boise woman who benefited from farmland being turned into housing is supporting perpetuating the housing crisis

Satire Satire - Urban Planning

Across many areas of the USA, the amount of apartments and houses being built has not been able to keep pace well enough with demand. This has led to the price of buying or renting real estate becoming very high. “We need to keep Boise as it is, and not change anything here. Let them build somewhere else,” said Boise, Idaho resident Geraldine Kowalski. “When I moved here 5 years ago I wanted a certain kind of life, and I want to keep it this way.” The land where her house stands was a farm 7 years ago, and the proposed development does not enter the suburban area she lives in.

There is a developer who bought the plot of farm land about a quarter mile (about .4 kilometers) away from where she lives. He wants to turn the plot of land into a dense mixed-use development where people will be able to live in apartments, shop for groceries on the ground floor, and have easy access to a bus stop which will be installed near the development. For reference, it takes Geraldine about 20 minutes to drive to the nearest grocery store currently.

University of Idaho senior Sarah Wilson is looking forward to graduating with a degree in engineering, however a lot of places that she wants to move to are too expensive for an entry level salary. “I want to stay in Idaho and Boise has the most jobs for my field in the state. But due to a lack of real estate development, housing is just too expensive now,” she said. “I hope they build enough apartments before I graduate so that I can afford to live in one while I job hunt,” Sarah added.

Lucy Miller, worshiper of Cthulu the bringer of a thousand year reign of madness and chaos, says that with Cthulu in charge all housing will be equal and everyone will be equally as happy with their arrangements. In a monotone voice she stated “Cthulu will destroy all housing and conduct his reign of chaos amongst the populace.” She added, “All shelter will be free and money will no longer be necessary in this case, so we need Cthulu to bring the price of shelters to $0.” Indeed, if Cthulu rises and is allowed to conduct his reign of terror and destruction, housing will no longer be an issue.

What do you think? Should Geraldine be allowed to get in the way of mixed-use developments in Boise? Should Sarah look for jobs in a cheaper housing market? Is Cthulu’s thousand year reign the best way to bring down housing prices? Comment below to give your opinion.

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3 years ago

The developers should go ahead with development. Otherwise there could be too much urban sprawl, and seeing how expensive cars are to buy and upkeep, dense mixed-use development that allows people to walk or take public transportation to work can be more affordable if there is enough supply. This helps people like Sarah out who are just starting out with finding a job and starting on an entry level salary.