The reason the land of the free has curfew laws may surprise you

Satire Satire - USA Politics

In multiple cities throughout the USA, people who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to be out past a certain time or else the cops will arrest the kids. Some argue that this is an infringement of personal liberty and is too much government overreach. Some argue that this helps to keep the community safer and keeps kids out of trouble. But there’s a reason why kids aren’t allowed to be out past a certain time of night.

“Some cities in the USA have had giant tomatoes unleashed. They only attack those who see them, which could be a random occurrence. Reports have said that if someone at night feels like someone else is watching them, and the person looks that way and it’s a giant tomato, then it’s game over,” said a visibly shaken Sheriff Tyler Gomez.

Local teenager Ricky Tiege said, “These pigs are harassing us and forcing kids to be introduced to the criminal justice system over something so stupid.” Asked if he knew about the giant tomatoes, Ricky said, “I can take them.”

“Once people in this city turn 18, we let them fight the giant tomatoes,” said Sheriff Tyler Gomez. He added that some police and some adults choose to patrol the streets at night and defend the city, and it’s a reponsible decision for the safety of the kids whose schooling may not have prepared them for fighting giant tomatoes, paying taxes, eating proper nutrition, cooking, or voting.

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