These are the powerful reasons this Hungarian nationalist wants to cure diseases in developing countries.

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Katalin Varga, a Hungarian nationalist, wants to help cure and prevent diseases in developing countries. She has powerful reasons for wanting better health outcomes in countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and so forth. “I want less immigrants and refugees from developing countries in Hungary who aren’t qualified for advanced jobs. It’s been shown that when health outcomes for people improve in a developing country, there are less children being made per woman. Therefore, if I support and promote issues such as polio being eradicated and malaria medicine being distributed, the people in developing countries could make less babies. Less babies means less immigrants and refugees,” Katalin said.

She added that if there are less people in developing countries, many of which have issues with fresh water access, then there could be less water wars which create more refugees that want to come into Hungary. “And heavens knows we don’t need more. That’s why the government built that border barrier that worked so well,” Katalin said. She added that another benefit is that if a disease like polio is eradicated, that eliminates the chance of an immigrant or refugee bringing polio into Hungary. Katalin also said that you can donate to help eliminate polio, which the world is close to doing, at the Polio Global Eradication Initiative’s website.

Lucy Miller, noted Cthulu worshiper, thinks that she has a better solution to the immigrant and refugee crisis. In a monotone voice she stated, “Cthulu’s rise will make this immigrant and refugee crisis go away. Nowhere will be home in the chaos of Cthulu’s thousand year reign of madness, and borders will cease to exist as all will be ruled by Cthulu.” Cthulu’s rise from the ocean to begin its orchestra of absurdity is reported to render all powerless and under its control. Lucy said that there won’t be any refugees as all will be slaves to Cthulu. Other than this, she seems nice.

What do you think? What’s the best solution to the immigration situations in Europe an North America? Is Cthulu’s reign of absurdity and madness the best way to fix the immigrant and refugee crises? Comment below to let us know.

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4 years ago

Either way it’s good to help cure diseases anywhere. Hopefully polio can be eradicated soon.

4 years ago

As long as it gets the job done, it’s good that she wants to help eradicate diseases.