This high ranking government official says that marijuana is illegal because of attempted reverse psychology

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“If we say that marijuana is in the highest category of bad drug possible, people who want to be edgy and use a drug can be safer,” said Jerry Davis, head of the Federal Drugs Task Force. This is why he’s so against marijuana legalization. “Look, I know that marijuana is a safer pain relief alternative to opiods seeing as there have not been many credible marijuana overdose deaths recorded if any at all, especially compared to all of the opiod overdose numbers,” he said. “However, we need one of the most forbidden fruits, certainly the one that we promote as being bad the most, that people try to be something relatively safe. This makes it so that if people do try what the federal government considers hard drugs, that their lives will be manageable.”

Marijuana advocate Christopher Martin says that marijuana should be legal, for reasons including less people in the prison system, more tax revenue for states, and people’s personal freedom to do what they want as long as it’s consensual and doesn’t hurt others. “If people do marijuana to help with mental issues, it should be seen as a health issue. We could use tax revenue to help provide affordable mental health care services to people as well as provide more to help make people’s lives better so they don’t feel the desire to turn to marijuana in the first place.” He added that people should be free to use it recreationally even if they do it for fun without having personal issues, and people should be able to use it to help with pain relief.

We asked Christopher about Jerry’s explanation of why it’s illegal. Christopher said that the rule does more harm than good. He pointed to how many people are in jail and are clogging up the already overcrowded criminal justice system in many places as an example.

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