This is why pop-under ads are what the advertising industry and consumers need, according to this CEO.

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Ronda Billings, the CEO of Duck and Quack Advertising which is the world’s largest digital advertising network, has announced that pop-under ads are the next best trend in advertising. “People enjoyed pop-up ads so much, they were effective, but they are too normalized. We need something new with moxy,” said Ronda. “So we figured that we could put the ads in a new tab without users’ permission to help advertise products in an effective way. This helps consumers to notice the advertisements as a whole new page without the usual pop-up,” she continued. She claims that pop-under ads are the necessary wave of the future of advertising, the best advertising medium, and all people should have this advertising medium available to them.

Pop-under ads are like pop-up ads, except it opens a new tab instead of popping up a new window. Ronda argues that the advertising industry and consumers need pop-under ads because it’s an innovative solution to now boring pop-up ads. This helps advertisers to get a similar return on investment that they get from spending money for pop-up ads, and this helps consumers find new products to buy in a convenient way, without them having to click to open up a new window for product or service information.

However, not everyone is happy about pop-under ads. James Smith is the founder of a nonprofit organization which seeks to end all pop-up and pop-under ads, because of possible viruses, they feel like a violation of consent, and also they are annoying. “I want to be able to choose whether or not I’m being brought to a different page. Some of these pop-unders may have viruses on the advertisement pages. This is one reason why, if I find something I’m interested in from an ad, I’ll look it up on a search engine rather than click on the ad,” James said. He also continued to discuss how they are annoying and that he tries to click out of the ads as soon as possible out of spite.

Have you ever enjoyed a pop-up or pop-under ad? Are pop-under ads the best ever? Comment about what you think about these kinds of ads.

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4 years ago

Pop-up and pop-under ads aren’t my thing. I agree with the nonprofit’s mission. Can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed a pop-up or pop-under ad.

4 years ago

Yeah I agree. I don’t like pop-ups or pop-unders. I’d prefer banner ads or something just being there on the page but not in the way.

4 years ago

Like the concept of pop-under ads. While both pop-under ads and pop-up ads generate revenue, pop-up ads can sometimes be annoying. It just happened today that I had to close a pop-up when trying to read a news article. Are both types of ads a violation of consent? That isn’t for me to decide. Is every time one walks into a big box store and has to go around an aisle display a violation of consent? Same idea. Whether its a pop-up, pop-under or an aisle store display, all three generate revenue.