This woman’s dedication is fierce. See why she drove 16 hours to fight for the environment.

Satire Satire - Environment

Theresa Smith drove 16 hours from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina to the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada last week to join protesters. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is a site first chosen in 1987 to house spent nuclear rods, many of which are as of writing in temporary storage closer to major population centers in the USA. Theresa wants to help the environment to help people she says.

It’s better to keep the spent fuel rods near Chicago where some currently are instead of below this mountain, argues Theresa Smith.

The protesters want to continue to stop nuclear waste being deposited beneath Yucca Mountain. “We shouldn’t have nuclear power in the first place,” she claims. “If we didn’t have nuclear power in the first place we wouldn’t have to worry about these fuel rods,” she continued. We asked radioactive super villain team Nuke and Cranny how they felt about the protest. “We’re radioactive and we turned out alright,” said the evildoer Cranny. Nuke, who is only a strong arm with bulletproof brain casing with one eye attached, said through a speaker attached to their brain casing that the protest had merits, but putting the nuclear waste at the site is the best plan we have right now. Nuke continued to explain that if we look at how many people could be hurt by something going wrong at the current storage facilities that were meant to be temporary, and the relatively few people that could be hurt by putting the fuel rods at the Yucca Mountain site, that the Yucca Mountain site would be preferable for the protesters. Nuke is the smartest arm I’ve ever conversed with.

When asked about the fumes her diesel vehicle emitted during the 32 hour round trip journey, Theresa said that the ends justified the means. Indeed, her 12 hour car trip to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and her attendance at the Climate Change March in Washington DC in 2017, show her fierce determination even in the face of the c02 and otherwise that her vehicle emits going to and from these long distance events by car.

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