Tl;dr of news I read and watched September 15th 2018

International Affairs News

Tl:dr stands for, “Too long didn’t read.” Here’s news:

Hurricane Florence hit the USA. It’s a bad thing.

Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines. It’s a bad thing.

Lehman Brothers crashed about 10 years ago. It was reported as a bad thing.

There was a dead probably gofer(?) in some drain in Japan. The news I saw this on was in Japanese so I’m not really sure what was going on, but it was face down in water and super dead looking. This is bad for the gofer(?), good for whatever it eats.

There is a shouting choir. They say words really loud.

The Dalai Lama basically said that Europe belongs to Europeans, and that refugees should eventually go home to rebuild their own countries as an eventual goal.

Based on the last article I decided to look up ‘llama news’ and an article/ video entitled, “Are classrooms calmer with a llama?” came up. It’s from December 2017.

CNN reported that 2 girls died of FGM (female genital mutilation), but didn’t report on any of the MGM (male genital mutilation)  deaths reported this year as far as I could find. Relevant links: All are done without consent and should be as illegal as me cutting someone without their consent is for a non-life saving reason.

Ted Cruz of Texas is in a tight senate race against the Democratic competitor. Joe Donnelly of Indiana is in a tight senate race against a Republican competitor. Both states usually vote Republican at the federal level for president as of recent times.

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