Tokyo Google Haunted House Promotion

Japan Travel

I went to a haunted house in Tokyo made by Google to promote their Google Assistant program. In order to get into the haunted house, I had to say, “Obakeyashiki ni Tsuretette.” and it gave me some information. This basically means, “Take me to the haunted mansion.” Then a ghost assistant comes up.

Then I said, “Nyukan pasu hakko,” to get a pass to be able to get into the haunted house. The entry was free.

I tried asking it what the weather is, and it made a sound and said that the ghosts are loud. I asked it something like this because I read that it the ghost gives an interesting response if it’s asked something outside of certain parameters. The ghost’s response was to keep the interaction within a set amount of inputs, but it was an interesting way to do it.

I also asked it for a map.

I went to Harajuku station, and then walked to the haunted house. It was creative and cool.

It only lasts about a week, until September 2nd 2018. Inside the haunted house there were different rooms, and in these people went in group by group, or one by one if they were by themselves. When I was in the room, I said a phrase that was on a printed out sheet, and stuff happened. The Google Assistant understood what I was saying, and in one room it played music, in another it turned on a TV, in another it gave me free popcorn, in another it turned lights on, and in another it took a picture of me and I got a Polaroid type of picture. But in the picture there was an interesting ghost character that wasn’t there before. The ghost was basically clothes without a person in them. The promotion was creative and there was so much interesting artwork in there.

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