UN decides action against USA due to lost revenue because of USA’s citizenship based taxation policy

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The USA is one of only 2 countries in the world, the other being the African dictatorship of Eritrea, that taxes citizens based on their citizenship status instead of by their residency. Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, was born in the USA but grew up in the UK. He legally owed the USA’s IRS (internal revenue service – the people who collect taxes for the USA) money when he bought a house in the UK. This circumstance of birth plays out across the world, and even people from the USA who live in another country for business are at risk of being taxed twice, by the country they live in and by the USA, solely because they are a citizen of the USA living in a different country. This causes lost revenue for the countries these citizens of the USA call home, for example in the form of less spending by the taxed USA citizen.

In response, most countries of the UN, including the joint human-alien colonies of Mars and Space Channel 5, have launched economic sanctions against the USA. Tariffs will be levied on soybeans, corn, and a huge 5000% tariff will be levied on big reverse fidget spinners capable of putting people or cats on top and spinning around super fast, which is a best seller globally except the people you know haven’t heard about it yet so that’s why you weren’t aware of it. The aforementioned reverse fidget spinners, where the middle spins instead of the outside, are the USA’s number 1 export.

In response to the millions of jobs set to be lost as a result of the reverse fidget spinner tariffs, congress in the USA has called an emergency session about how to respond. An anonymous source close to the process has told Beyond the Echo Chamber that congress is considering repealing citizenship based taxation and replacing it with residency based taxation. Time will tell if congress passes this law, but the source says that it is likely given the international pressure.

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4 years ago

Citizenship based taxation needs to be repealed now!