Utsunomiya Banba Beer Garden

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I went to the Banba Beer Garden festival in Utsunomiya, which is located in the Tochigi prefecture of Japan which is on the biggest island of Honshu. Utsunomiya is known for its gyoza, which are basically potstickers. This sandwich was called a gyoza sandwich, and the bread was pressed like a panini and the inside had savory and sour (in a good vinegar way) inside which was fantastic. I got some the first night I went, then I got another during lunch and another during dinner. The restaurant is called Sandwich Cafe Dream (サンドウィッチカフェ ドリーム) and their website is http://cafe-dream.net (content in Japanese), and I recommend the gyoza sandwich.

There was also a place that served yakisoba, which is a kind of stir-fried noodle dish. It was ok.

This next place had curry and this savory chicken dish that I got. It was salty, but not too salty, and the topping had an onion type of flavor. It was good. Their restaurant is called Riberuta Shokudou (りべるた食堂), and their website is http://www.liberta-s.jp (most content in Japanese).

There was also this truck with music playing. One of her popular songs is called Hero (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJt7KRmv2bQ).

Here is the song that was playing called Hero:

I don’t drink beer, but here are different kinds of beer that were on offer.

There was also some hula-type dancing.

Here is a picture of the event during the night.

Here is a picture of most of the food booths during the day.

Here is a picture behind the festival. The stairs lead up to a shrine.

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