Here’s how voting for Libertarian party candidates can be like ‘none of the above’ votes.

Op-ed USA Politics

It’s best to vote for who you think is the best candidate. This way, even if your favorite candidate loses, the winning candidate can see that a certain set of viewpoints was popular enough to get votes. Then, from there, those viewpoints should be considered more by the winning politician.

If you are voting and can’t decide who to vote for if you don’t like the Democratic or Republican candidates on your ballot, the Libertarian party can be your next vote of no confidence. Ballots in the USA don’t have a ‘none of the above’ option, but Libertarian party candidates can be the next best thing. Libertarians want less government, and mean it instead of saying they want less government then voting to increase the $21 trillion in debt, and $210 trillion in unfunded liabilities. If you don’t think the Democratic or Republican candidate would be good enough to do a good job, voting for less power to people who you don’t think are good enough to have government power could help.

I decided that I plan to vote Libertarian where I can on the ballot. Here are some John Stossel videos to get you started.

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